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Catfish is our speciality, but we have many other great selections. Some of the Best Catfish in Alabama.  We are not far and we are worth the drive. 689 Catfish Road, Cragford, Alabama (Closed)

Thanks to so many of you have visited us over the years, but Reds Catfish has closed.  
Keep a eye on the site, and our FaceBook page.  We hope to be back.

What more could you want? Great prices? See our menu, we have that covered, too.

Reds Catfish has Closed


4 - 8 PM


3 - 9 PM


11 am - 9 PM


11 am - 3 PM

All catfish are farm raised in the U.S.A.

All photos of food are real.  You can expect your food to look very similar to the photos.

01/01 - New Photos

Listed by Alabama.Travel as one of the "100 dishes to eat in Alabama before you die"

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